urban homelessness

This question came to us from Mike D. through our latest survey.

I’m glad that this question is being asked as it touches on a number of shifts in public policy that restrict the daily lives of homeless people including subsistence strategies such as panhandling, squeegeeing, and sleeping in public spaces. Often,...

Homeless Hub
Décembre 09, 2016
Catégories: Ask the Hub

“What are the statistics on homelessness and mental health in Toronto?”

This question came to us anonymously through our latest survey.

Over the years, the Homeless Hub blog series has written extensively on the links between mental health and homelessness in Canada, however, we’ve not yet focused on any specific location.  As Canada’s largest and most ethnically diverse city, Toronto has the greatest number of people...

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub; York University
Février 20, 2014

When we posted our Infographic Wednesday blog post on Urban Aboriginal Homelessness on Facebook we received this comment from a user: "Tell us why, what are the causes, and tell us how we can help our brothers and sisters." A good question to address in today's Ask the Hub.

On Valentine’s Day I took part in one of several events across Canada honouring missing...

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